The Good You Can Do With a Charity Walk

18 October 2018

There are a number of charities in the UK that sponsor and take part in charity walks in the North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, but unless you’re a fitness freak, you’re going to have to pick and choose which charity to walk with.

There’s a number of charities you can support via a charity walk: organisations like the British Heart Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Society or the National Autistic Society or humanitarian organisations like the British Red Cross or Help For Heroes. You can make a real difference for people around the country, and the world, with a charity walk on the North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is one of the largest charities in the UK dedicated to fundraising research, mainly for heart disease and circulatory illnesses. Conditions like atherosclerosis and its many complications (heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure) rank among the biggest killers in the UK, affecting 2.6 million people. The BHF spends up to £100 million in research funding for scientists around the country, and currently fund over 1000 research projects.

Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Disease is a condition that affects around 850,000 people in the UK. Part of the Dementia family, Alzheimer’s Disease affects memory, speech, personality and eventually bodily functions, eventually proving fatal. For the people affected and their carers, it is a disease that can suck all the happiness and colour from their lives when not managed correctly. The Alzheimer’s Society is dedicated to making sure that people afflicted with AD or Dementia get the treatment they deserve and require.

group completing the north yorkshire three peaks challenge

National Autistic Society

Up to 700,000 people have been diagnosed in the UK on the ‘Autism Spectrum’, which includes Autism itself, Aspergers, and less well-known conditions like Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. As the Autism Spectrum covers a wide range of conditions ranging from debilitating to completely manageable, and the many myths surrounding the conditions that can affect the wellbeing of sufferers, organisations like the National Autistic Society are doing their best to raise awareness for, and improve the lives of, people on the Autism Spectrum.

British Red Cross

In many parts of the world where society has broken down due to war or a natural disaster, the British Red Cross has stepped in to help people with the injuries and trauma that can come from these events. From the mid-19th century to today, the International Red Cross and its British branch have done amazing work for millions of people around the world. They also provide services for people in the UK, from the provision of wheelchairs to dealing with loneliness.

Help for Heroes

Joining the Armed Forces comes with a number of benefits: the sense of camaraderie with your fellow troops, seeing far-flung parts of the world and having a steady, secure job in peacetime. But for many who have faced warfare, the physical and mental trauma it produces can destroy their future without professional help. Help For Heroes is a charity dedicated to those men and women.

The North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge allows charity groups to both raise awareness and also raise much-needed funds. So if you would like the opportunity to carry out a charity walk, why not book the North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge today?