How Do You Set Up a Charity Walk?

04 October 2018

There’s a lot of things that people think about in modern society – or rather, have to think about. Beyond the white noise of entertainment, there’s a million problems that people are struggling with: healthcare, economic inequality, legal and personal discrimination, the destruction and decay of the environment, the state of foreign and domestic politics and so on.

By ourselves, there’s very little we can do to combat these issues: we can recycle our cardboard and plastic, we can stand up for people when they’re harassed or bullied, we can give some pennies to the homeless man in the street. But our individual actions cannot fix a societal or collective issue, it’s more like putting a plaster on a deep wound.

So how can you really make a difference?

Charity events. From walks and protests to baking cakes or playing video games, there’s a lot you can do to help people who need money, or just someone to talk to. Indeed, events like these can gather hundreds, thousands or even millions of people in order to address their common problem, whatever it may be. It may be the first time you’ve gotten to talk about this problem with like-minded people: contentious or stigmatised problems like environmentalism, mental illness, or LGBT rights.

macmillan cancer support people holding banner

But meeting people isn’t the main focus of charity walks. Their main raison d’etre is raising awareness: lifting the lid on things that some people find difficult to talk about, and making it easier to talk about it, further raising awareness and driving bigger donations.

How Can You Organise A Charity Walk?

Without the backing of a large charity, it may seem like a daunting task to get the connections and the money to do a Charity Walk. However, there are sites like JustGiving and GoFundMe that can give you both. But if you wanted to go on a charity walk for the North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, you’ll need a guided tour. Are there any tour guides available for your crowdfunded adventure?

Well thankfully, North Yorkshire Three Peaks can help. You can choose between the private and open challenge depending on the type and size of your group. For more information, why not visit our website?