North Yorkshire 3 Peak’s Ethical Challenge.

22 February 2019


NY3P aim to deliver their services in nothing but an ethical and eco-friendly way. This is crucial to both the preservation of the peaks, and for minimal disruption to the local area and community. Infact, NY3P try to BENEFIT the local area when they are in town.

So, what are these ethical considerations?

  • Multiple start points and control of participant numbers to minimise impact on the popular route.
  • Sensible start times and consideration of noise so locals having the challenge on their doorstep is not a negative.
  • Collaboration with local businesses, so locals benefit from their visit to the area.
  • Collaborating with charity, making the challenge more than just 3 peaks, 24 miles and 12 hours.


There are many disadvantages in starting the North Yorkshire 3 Peak’s Challenge from the same place every time. As well as increasing footpath erosion, flora and fauna can also be affected. So for these reasons, we use a number of different starting points, usually from local pubs. Allowing participants to sample local ales and support local businesses too!


We only begin the North Yorkshire 3 Peak’s Challenge after 8am, respecting the needs of local communities and ensuring the surrounding villages remain the quiet places that charm people there in the first place.


NY3P staff take care to ensure noise is kept to a minimum and positive relationships with the local community are retained. They take care not to let any anti-social incidents occur- like that one in particular last year where a participant decided to blast loud music from a ghetto blaster at 11pm one night in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, which inevitably caused a lot of anger amongst local residents!

horton in ribblesdale train station with trees, fields and mountains in background


The popularity of the North Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge appears to increase year on year. Although this is great for the local economy and charities, large groups of participants walking through the North Yorkshire 3 Peaks route can cause a number of problems, such as traffic congestion, pollution, littering and footpath erosion. While these issues largely affect local residents, local flora and fauna can also become damaged, along with damage to cultural, historical and natural features too. The number of participants in every group taken on one of NY3P’s challenges is controlled for minimal impact.


NY3P link up with various local businesses when they are in the area, for example using their local village halls or staying in local accommodation, and eating and refreshing themselves in local pubs. The bottom line is that NY3P’s presence in the peaks is great for the local economy.

two people in a field drinking with sunset behind


NY3P support a great number of charities through the services they provide. They offer an Open Challenge where individuals or groups have the opportunity to complete the North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge for a charity close to their heart. NY3P also share their profits with charities in a number of long term partnerships, helping these charities continue the incredible work they do on a long term basis.