North Yorkshire 3 Peak’s Ethical Challenge.

22 February 2019

TAKING THE ETHICAL ROUTE NY3P aim to deliver their services in nothing but an ethical and eco-friendly way. This is crucial to both the preservation of the peaks, and for minimal disruption to the local area and community. Infact,...

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NY3P Challenge: Best Accommodation Options

14 December 2018

Many people taking part in the NY3P Challenge are probably not local to Yorkshire and have perhaps travelled a considerable distance to arrive here. As such, visitors to the NY3P may have built up a considerable thirst. Thankfully, we...

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NY3P Challenge: Great for Team Building and Corporate Challenges

13 December 2018

From time to time, your team may need shaping up. Maybe they’re all new and haven’t assimilated well into your company structure. Maybe their personalities are clashing so much that it’s affecting group performance. Maybe they’re adjusting poorly to...

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Fancy a Weekend on the Three Peaks?

06 December 2018

The Yorkshire Dales is a remarkable part of the English countryside. Sculpted and carved out by glaciers for thousands of years, the unique topography of the region is unrivalled by anywhere, except for the Lake District. As for what’s...

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Best Pubs for the Three Peaks Challenge

04 December 2018

After completing the Three Peaks challenge, what better way to end your journey than a visit to a local Yorkshire Dales pub for a refreshing drink? Previously, we blogged about our favourite accommodation options for the Three Peaks challenge....

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A Quick Rundown of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

29 November 2018

When it comes to hiking in the UK, you’re spoilt for choice: you have the Scottish Highlands, the Pennines, the Cheviot Hills, Snowdonia and a bunch of smaller ranges across the country, including the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. The trio...

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Things to Bring to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

22 November 2018

Heading out for a day’s hiking is a great way to spend the day. However, as with most day-long activities far from home, there’s some stuff you’ll need to bring to make sure you stay safe and enjoy the...

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The Flora and Fauna of the Yorkshire Three Peaks

15 November 2018

Since the establishment of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in 1954, much of the park hasn’t changed since. In some cases, the area has seen improvement in terms of biodiversity. Much of the UK, meanwhile, has been in a...

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Dealing with Cold Weather on the Three Peaks Challenge

08 November 2018

Technically, there’s nothing stopping you from climbing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks during the winter, but a lot of people will avoid it for some obvious reasons: the biting cold, slippery surfaces and heavy snow or wind can ruin a...

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