Slow and Steady Hikes The Mountain

06 September 2018

There’s nothing more exhilarating than climbing up to a windswept peak and soaking in the view. On a clear day, many mountains and fells in the UK let you see for hundreds of miles in any direction, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with hiking is its own reward. However, hiking comes with its own associated risks. If you’re not used to hiking or are climbing with a beginner, it’s important to make sure they’re taking it slow and steady.

While two of the peaks of the Three peaks challenge are fairly easy to climb due to their well-worn paths and gentle slopes, getting down can be a challenge. Hikers call it ‘jelly legs’: going downhill puts a lot of stress on the knees, and over time your knees may start wobbling and feel weaker. It’s important to slow down when this happens, as you run the risk of falling over if your legs give out. For people who aren’t in ideal shape, it’s also important to take it slow and steady. Even on a 24-hour challenge, you have enough time to stop for breath or let your legs recover.

yorkshire 3 peaks

Ingleborough is the most challenging part of the Three peaks challenge: not just because of its steeper, rocky ascent but also the exhaustion built up over the first two peaks. While accidents are rare on the UK’s mountain trails, unprepared and impatient hikers can quite easily get themselves into one. The steep rocky escarpments can be dangerous without hiking sticks or sturdy boots, so climbing it steadily is important.

While taking it steady if you’re new to hiking is important, it’s also important to give way to people moving faster than you, or oncomers. In some parts of the trail, there’s very little room to squeeze past, so make sure you pick a safe place to let other people past. Part of the fun of hiking comes from the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing yourself to reach the top, but that shouldn’t make you take any unnecessary risks.

The North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is dedicated to giving both novice and experienced hikers a challenge through the Three peaks challenge route: Taking you over 3 of the highest peaks in Yorkshire – Pen-Y-Ghent, Ingleborough & Whernside – in the space of a single day. 24 miles in 12 hours.