NY3P Challenge: Great for Team Building and Corporate Challenges

13 December 2018

From time to time, your team may need shaping up. Maybe they’re all new and haven’t assimilated well into your company structure. Maybe their personalities are clashing so much that it’s affecting group performance. Maybe they’re adjusting poorly to company changes and feel isolated in the office. In turn, a manager should see this and think ‘Time for a team building session!’.

But what can you do? Trust-falling is passe. Maybe it’s too hot to stand around in the office all day. Maybe your workers aren’t receptive to the standard suite of team building exercises. But have you thought about hiking?

group ny3p

Team Building, Problem Solving and Hiking

Hiking is not only good for the mind and body, but also creates and strengthens bonds between your fellow hikers. When you have little to distract you and the peace of mind that comes with walking in the outdoors, you might be able to find some common ground with your other team members.

Hiking is frequently a team activity: climbing up a steep rocky ledge is a lot easier when there’s a hand to help you up. Some members of the group can provide backpacks to store food, drink and other essentials, so that you don’t have to. If you’re going it without a guide, you’ll need a team member to handle navigation. All of these activities will build trust between your employees.

On a moderately challenging hike you’ll find plenty of obstacles: a steep path, narrow trails, mud and ice making things slippery, steep rocky escarpments you need to climb up or around, and simple fatigue. By yourself, they may seem insurmountable: but as a team, you can put your minds together and support each other. If you want a team that thinks and acts as one, capable of climbing any peak, see if your team building exercise routines could benefit from a good hike by taking part in the NY3P Challenge