The top 8 pieces of equipment needed for hiking

20 June 2018

When hiking the most important thing is to ensure that you have all the essential equipment in your backpack. Of course, it is important to not overload your pack. You will be keeping everything in it and you will be carrying it for the entire journey. The equipment needed for hiking is not all necessary but useful to have.

1 Water
The most essential thing that you must have with you when hiking is water. You must never go hiking without water or you will become dehydrated, it is suggested that you take 2Litres with you, but it is best to take the amount that you feel is enough for your planned journey.

2 Hiking Boots
When you’re serious about hiking and do it frequently its important to have a good pair of hiking boots. They are rugged and are designed to last a long time when hiking. Its not a good idea to do a long hike the first time you wear them. Its advised that boots broken in before long use to avoid them causing pain.

3 Map & Compass
When hiking you need to know where you are going and the best way to do that is with a map and compass. Pinpointing your location on a map is easier with a compass and if you know your location on a map you can use it to get anywhere you need to be.

4 Food
You need to ensure that you keep your energy levels up when hiking to avoid tiring yourself out and struggling to go on. It is best to take things that are easy to eat and not messy such as sandwiches and nuts.

5 Waterproof Clothing
Being wet makes hiking a difficult and unenjoyable experience so waterproof clothes should be worn if bad weather is expected. Keeping dry is important so if unsure about the weather it is best to wear waterproof clothing just in case.

6 Warm Clothes
The clothes that are worn should also be warm due to the changes in temperature when at higher ground. Without warm clothes you may find it very cold at some point which is not a good feeling.

7 Trekking Poles
Trekking poles are not used by all hikers because they have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is personal preference to use them or not. They help to keep balance on rough or loose terrain, but they use up more energy and can get caught on trees and bushes.

8 Head Torch
A head torch may be needed when hiking for when it gets dark and hard to see. But it is best to only hike during the day.

Some items have their pros and cons for hiking, but most are essential for not getting lost and avoiding injury. The equipment used will change sometimes depending on the location and the weather. But most items will be needed for every hiking trip. An example of this can be found in the North Yorkshire 3 Peaks mandatory equipment list.