Things to See Around Whernside

25 October 2018
View south of Whernside summit

The mid-point in any North Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, Whernside has some of the most rewarding views in the Yorkshire Dales. Starting at the viaduct and terminating at the peak, you can see for tens of miles on a clear day. So what can you see from the highest peak in Yorkshire?

Neighbouring Counties

As Whernside lies on the border between North Yorkshire and Cumbria, you can get a good look at the southern part of the county from the peak. Windermere Lake and the outlines of the fells in the Lake District proper are visible on a clear day. The Howgill Fells, a series of small, undulating hills that separate Cumbria from Yorkshire are also easy to spot.

Lancashire’s highest peak, Green Hill, is close to Whernside. You’ll need a good pair of binoculars and clear weather, but the great seaside town of Blackpool can be seen almost 40 miles away from Whernside, including the famous Blackpool Tower.

Ribblehead Viaduct

Previously mentioned on our blog, Ribblehead Viaduct is an impressive structure from below. From the top of Whernside, this 140+ year old viaduct that connects the Settle – Carlisle Line still proudly serves after years of renovations and repairs. The remains of the shantytown camp that built the viaduct is easier to see from the peak as well.

Morecambe Bay

The largest estuary in the UK, Morecambe Bay is home to 310 km2 of mudflats that provide a valuable environment to birds, fish and invertebrates. The bay itself and the nearby wind farms are visible from Whernside peak on a clear day giving the climber a fantastic view of the Irish Sea.

Whernside’s relatively slow and steady ascent gives you plenty of time to witness the surrounding peaks, villages, rivers, lakes and railroads that make the Yorkshire Dales and the surrounding counties their unique charm. North Yorkshire 3 Peaks is dedicated to providing excellent guided tours of the Yorkshire Three Peaks and the surrounding moorland, with a price that’s fair for your charity walk group. There’s also the North Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge: all 3 peaks climbed in 12 hours, around 24 miles of undulating paths and beautiful scenery.